NYHEDER Edget Outreach - en nystartet støtteforening

DIA har modtaget følgende hilsen med information om Edget Outreach, som er en nystartet international støtteforening til fordel for børnehjemmet Edget i Etiopien:

"I am writing to you to share a new support organization called Edget Outreach – a group formed to provide support to Edget Orphanage and to connect adoptive families with in and out of country cultural experiences.

You may have heard that there are problems with international adoption in Ethiopia just now with the government halting all adoptions to foreigners. This has had many imapcts with current adopting families and also the Edget orphanage and it’s babies and staff who rely on donation income from adoptions.

Edget Outreach has been established by Edget Adoptive Parents who have a keen interest in ensuring the positive welfare of government orphanage children in need and that Edget Orphanage service can continue well into the future, for the mutual benefit of children and new parents. 

The group has four primary focus areas, which are especially important now with the stoppage international adoption in Ethiopia:

Support - Enabling Edget Orphanage to continue to support the government orphanages in Ethiopia to care for children placed for adoption

Care - Supporting the team at Edget to care for children with often complex needs in an nurturing environment.

Future - Enabling more secure care for children from government orphanages through financial support, advice and in-country orphanage maintenance.

Connection - Provide enduring opportunities for Edget adoptive families to forge a cultural and community connection to Edget, and Ethiopia

Through our website, you’ll be able to see news on Edget orphanage, look at upcoming events, and the opportunity to support Edget through donations and other means as well as planned orphanage support visits.

Have a look at our new website – http://EdgetOutreach.org - let us know your thoughts.

A Feedback Survey: As part of our launch, we’d really like to hear your views. We have set up a quick survey Edget Outreach Launch Survey – we’d value your thoughts contributions to ensuring that Edget Outreach is working positively and meeting the needs for the wider Edget community.

Please get in touch with the Edget Outreach team,  the Chair is Mr John Popovic – john@edgetoutreach.org . Our first newsletter is also attached:  Reach Out newsletter October 2017

Thank you for reading."

DIA er ikke en del af Edget Outreach, men vi bringer gerne nyheden videre i den gode sags tjeneste.

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